Article 2: Ten Must-Install Extensions for Nautilus

Nautilus is the default file manager within the Gnome desktop environment. With many built in features, Nautilus can be a very useful tool for any Linux user. However, add-ons can bring additional functionality that improves Nautilus astronomically. Here are the ten scripts that I consider the most useful. I will refer to them by the names they are listed under in Ubuntu’s repositories for Synaptic package manager.

  1. nautilus-open-terminal – This script opens the current directory in the terminal.

  2. nautilus-gksu – Adds an option to open a folder or a file as administrator.

  3. nautilus-script-collection-svn – A simple subversion tool used for basic SVN operations.

  4. nautilus-filename-repairer – A tool that assists in recovering misnamed files.

  5. nautilus-script-manager – This is a useful tool for managing Nautilus scipts.

  6. python-nautilus – A Python wrapper required for several scripts.

  7. nautilus-wallpaper – Adds a right-click menu option for images to allow for setting as the desktop background.

  8. nautilus-image-converter – Adds options to resize and rotate images.

  9. nautilus-script-audio-convert – Allows for audio file conversions from within Nautilus.

  10. nautilus-actions – A tool to configure the program to launch a file.

Many other great scripts and additions can be found on Have fun!


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  1. Burkaman Says:

    First. Hehe. And this article is unfairly short for typo hunters.

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