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Welcome to Custom Linux

May 9, 2009

Hello, welcome to Custom Linux. This of course is my first post, just a short introduction. My goal for this blog is to provide tips, tutorials, and artwork for use on a Linux operating system. I of course have two Linux machines that I use for my various hobbies including programming, 3D animation, and other forms of graphics design. As a high school student, I have found that nearly all of the so-called technologically adequate generation is unaware of the flexibility and usability of the Linux operating system, or haven’t even heard of the Linux operating system. On top of that, Linux has a reputation of being “hard to use”. This, however, is completely untrue. Anyone can learn to master the power that Linux has to offer. With a few key changes, Linux can quickly provide the user with a dream operating system, completely customized for the specific user. My goal is to provide a stepping stone to achieve this goal.

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